Robert Petrie - Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

Toronto Registered Psychotherapist in Bloor West/Junction Triangle area of Toronto near Roncesvalles dedicated to journeying with fellow beings in their search for peace of mind, relief from stress, self-knowledge, their personal truth and greater life satisfaction.

I have observed that the patients I care for struggle with the very things that make us human, namely difficult thoughts, beliefs, feelings, sensations in the body and the inner conflict these represent. Ultimately we are all looking to feel comfortable in our own skin, fulfilled in our relationships and satisfied in our lives no matter what life throws at us. The path forward for many patients, through therapy, includes a deep acceptance, not necessarily agreement, of the barriers interfering with life satisfaction, dis-empowering them and then creating space for creatively responding to them. I am welcoming to LGBTQi2s communities and all heritages and traditions.

As a therapist and experienced practitioner of eastern wisdom traditions and a fellow human who has walked the road less travelled, we explore your inner world using approaches to increase psychological flexibility. By transforming one’s relationship with said thoughts and feelings, space is created to traverse the often tumultuous waters of human experience.

Whatever your challenge, a path forward across these waters exists. Together we partner in creating a field of mutual experience where trust, connection, and understanding lead you to the other shore. The therapeutic process often involves raising your awareness and consciousness around difficult memories and events and developing a new relationship with them.


Registered Psychotherapist, Master in Pastoral Studies, Diploma in Buddhist Mindfulness and Mental Health from the University of Toronto. Master of Science from McGill University. Experienced Vipassana meditator.