Care Approach

Robert Petrie - Registered Psychotherapist in Toronto

The psychotherapeutic approach that I take to care is intuitively developed for each individual patient. Because I have experienced that past difficulties and traumas often unconsciously drive our present ways of thinking and relating to the world, I draw on psychodynamic, attachment and EFT theoretic lenses to raise awareness, elevate consciousness and increase self-understanding. I also draw on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which is grounded in behavioural sciences and eastern psychological theory, to increase psychological flexibility and relatedness with present thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions. This specifically involves leveraging eastern meditative traditions to develop faculties that facilitate change. Additionally to develop coping skills I draw on Cognitive Behavioural approaches (CBT) when acute symptoms interfere with functioning.

Patients typically achieve their goals by learning to develop a more productive relationship with challenging mental content and opening up more space for a new way of experiencing their inner and outer lives.

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